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"Avalanche"  James Bond Theme.

Sometime back, I heard from the esteemed film director: Malcom Gaswell. He was eager for me to have a go at composing the opening music for the opening credit sequence for the next James Bond film. I graciously accepted and got down to work developing the film's title track "Avalanche" into an epic theme performed on my Fractal Harp rig. The logistics and opportunity came together and I was given access to a full symphony orchestra to accompany the piece. Arrangements were made for recording in the orchestra at their symphony hall location while I simulcast my Fractal Harp and vocals parts live from the prestigious Vukelschmitzün Theater in Berlin Germany. The budget allowed me the ability to select this ideal separate location for recording The Fractal Harp with all the precise humidity and acoustic characteristics. This also allowed for the use of a special MIDI grand piano that "The Vuke" is known for.

The orchestra performed admirably and was recorded live before an eager audience along with my simulcast Berlin performance. The orchestra's location was adorned with large screen displaying the opening credit sequence for the film and even some pyrotechnics. Outside of a few ruffles, the evening merited remarkable results. I'd like to thank everyone who worked on this from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy! Thanks/ Cheers!

Please note: I just made up ALL that shit up.
No one called me to make a Bond theme, BUT you know those mofos should have.
So I made my own Bond opening sequence anyway, created and performed all the music credit sequence along with the new art form of the "reverse orchestra shredding video" Hope you get a kick out of it. I had a great time working on it.

Yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy yoy


Johnny Skilsaw - School's Out - Alice Cooper tune
"Treadmill For Two"  Johnny Skilsaw - circa 1996/

A while back, for a fleeting moment I had the best band in NYC.

 Newly recovered/restored : Track available here  

"Shining On You"  2023 recut/remix with lyrics 
Track available- link here: Shining On You
3/16/23  "Perfectly"

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Fractal Harp - Hollowbody Upright Acustic w/Bass
   Fractal Harp - Upright  Electric  MIDI w/Keyboard & Bass 
Fractal Harp - Upright Electric w/Keyboard & Bass   
Fractal Harp - Flat Electric
Fractal Harp - Flat Acoustic with MIDI 


   Fractal Dulcimer - Tenor  
The Fractal Dulcimer - Baritone 
  The Egotar 
The Swiss Army Bass
 New Flat Hollowbody Fractal Harp with full MIDI integration


"We Can Work It Out" Fractal Harp  -

 mixed and being proudly pimped here: 

We Can Work It Out - Jay Wasco



Spring 2022: Quick bow to The Crimson King - New insane Fractal Harp MIDI advancements. Refit nearly complete.   
Spring 2022 -Deep Dark Red

 New Version of an old Johnny Skilsaw song

New harps in the works -2022
2022- Working on new Fractal Harps (like this expanded range) including a hollowbody version  -stay tuned

 7/26/21  July 2021 video "We Can Work It Out"   Beatles tune.

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  New release: "Summertime Follows": Track available HERE

  Check the trippy animated  video version of the tune HERE

Johnny Skilsaw - Stuffed & Motorized  Spruced up - Remixed & Re-mastered Now available on Bandcamp  

Years back, for a fleeting moment, I had the best band in NYC with the coolest guys on earth. For real.Nick DiCorato and Mark Hutchins have both moved on from this world. They each leave a wake of love and friendship alive in the hearts of every person they've ever known . We made this record together. It holds up quite well. I only hope and wish more people get a chance to hear it.  

Johnny Skilsaw -Stuffed And Motorized  (Flash site) Full LP

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The Fractal Dulcimers –   created by JW       Baritone and Tenor– 
The Fractal Dulcimers -Baritone and Tenor –mallet/stick instruments strung with electric guitar and bass strings set up in a piano keyboard formation with a sustain/damper pedal suppression system. (more)
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The Fractal Harp
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